About Us

Multis started with a very simple idea: crypto is inevitable, and will help people build fairer business relationships.

But today, doing business with crypto is just too complicated! It's insanely hard to use it to spend on both physical and digital goods and services. Professional financial tools are non-existent, which creates considerable time and money overheads.

This is the aim and purpose of all the work we are doing here at Multis: be the financial backbone of the web3 economy. That’s why we are building corporate cards and financial software for web3.

We help companies manage their cryptos on a daily basis with cashflow monitoring and reporting tools, automate payments in crypto and USD and close their books 5x faster.

We're a team of happy and passionate crypto-dreamers, with backing from world-class US and European investors like Sequoia, Y Combinator, Coinbase Ventures and eFounders.

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We have no job openings at the moment!

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